Bopup Communication Server 4.0.9: Instant Messaging (IM) server for internal and encrypted business communications

Bopup Communication Server 4.0.9

Server is easy and fast to set up which takes about few minutes to get completed. It comes with embedded SQL server to host it`s database or can be installed using an existing MS SQL Server software. The communication server includes a built-in functionality to upgrade IM client software with uploading new versions of the messengers on the server. End-user messaging applications can be also distributed and deployed with pre-installed settings and

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Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack 4.1.8

Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack is a secure client/server instant messaging system designed to provide internal and private communication over networks of any size. It meets most of the critical business and enterprise needs, such as centralized management, the Active Directory (LDAP) support, message & file logging, messaging groups, user permissions. This bundle includes a license for Bopup Communication Server (IM server) + 25 instant messengers.

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SecExMail Gate 1.2: Email proxy server which encrypts and decrypts email messages on your network.

SecExMail Gate 1.2

SecExMail Gate is an email proxy server which encrypts and decrypts messages on your corporate network in real-time. This proxy server integrates with your existing corporate infrastructure and operates in conjunction with your SMTP/POP3 mail server. SecExMail Gate implements open standard encryption algorithms to create a seamless security framework to protect the privacy of your corporate email on the public internet.

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Advanced Network Monitor 2.3: Advanced Network Monitor 2.3 is a LAN and Internet server monitoring tool.

Advanced Network Monitor 2.3

corporate servers. After problems are found on the monitored servers Advanced Network Monitor will first try to correct the problems. If ANM cannot correct the problems it immediately notifies the Administrator about the problem via e-mail, sms or a network messaging service. Using Advanced Network Monitor the Administrator is aware about the state of their servers at any time. Advanced Network Monitor allows you to monitor the following servers

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eScan Corporate for Citrix Servers 11.x: eScan Corporate for Citrix provides complete securityfor Citix Servers.

eScan Corporate for Citrix Servers 11.x

eScan Corporate for Citrix Servers is a comprehensive AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Security solution that provides Zero Day Protection from Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hacking, Spam, Phishing and Offensive Content.

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SMTP Preprocessor 1.10: Processes e-mail messages before corporate SMTP server.

SMTP Preprocessor 1.10

corporate mail server. The program receives SMTP messages before corporate SMTP server, on-the-fly changes or rejects them, and retransmits result to the server. Wide range of settings allows to improve security and add new features to corporate SMTP server. SMTP Preprocessor can reject connection based on remote host IP address or DNS name (Black List), presence of reverse DNS PTR record, validity of HELO or EHLO command and connections limit; reject

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MyChat 4.10.3: Chatting and files exchanging in a small or home office and corporate networks

MyChat 4.10.3

server chat, it is ideally suited for message passing and an exchange of files in a network. MyChat can easily work in corporate or intranet networks, and also through the Internet. The product will be useful to the companies to which need a resource of corporate dialogue, but usage of such IM systems, as ICQ is inadmissible because of possibility of information leakage. With MyChat such problems will not be: you install a server and can inspect

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Network Administrator`s Toolkit 11.2.3: Inventories LAN PC`s, monitors network servers and devices

Network Administrator`s Toolkit 11.2.3

A set of the network management tools designed for the corporate network administration. This toolkit consists of the two components that will monitor your corporate servers availability and performance and inventory user workstations

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LogonExpert 5.3.4: Windows autologon and scheduled autologoff

LogonExpert 5.3.4

LogonExpert is a Windows automatic logon tool for your home/office computer or corporate server. LogonExpert quickly and securely logs in a user by direct interaction with the WinLogon system without using the registry. Your computer can be protected even after automatic logon by the desktop being locked at startup. LogonExpert uses a strong encryption algorithm to store login data. Build-in scheduler allows to delay, plan your logon/logooffs.

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MailDetective for Exchange Server 2.2f

servers using one MailDetective installation. MailDetective for Exchange Server also offers support for Microsoft SQL Server. One more useful new feature is letter subject reporting, including substring search. MailDetective for Exchange Server analyses mail server log files and provides the employer with detailed reports about private and business emails coming to and from the corporate network as well as traffic distribution by users and email

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